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​The single aim of the Multi-Domain Security Team is to ensure that the highest possible levels of security are enforces for the GÉANT services. The MDS Team gives GÉANT service developers expert support, helping them prevent, mitigate and manage security incidents.

​The Multi-Domain Security Team tackles 360° security issues relating to multi-domain services, both at the connectivity and application levels. We address GÉANT developers and service deployment teams to raise their awareness about security issues and assist them in producing code that is compliant with best practices, to ensure the highest possible security levels.

Are you a Developer?

Get access to secure code, training material and find out about training opportunities. <More>

​Looking for Security advice?

The Security Expertise Consultancy Service can answer you security related questions. <More>

​​Want to improve your Security?

Do you want us to perform a pen test or risk assessment? <More>

Cookbook Version 2 Released

The team has gathered information on security issues related to four GÉANT development projects: AutoBAHN, I-SHARe, perfSONAR and cNIS <More> (Secure PDF Download)

​Secure Code Training Material Available

Download the secure code training course material <More> (Secure PDF Download)